Cerina charts the path to bring intelligent, human-centric, and futuristic consumer lifestyle products meeting the demands of the internet age.

To be the consumer’s #1 choice Super brand for all their lifestyle product and experience needs, driven by innovation.

Cerina is a portmanteau of three words – derived from Cerebral + Intelligence + AI.
The Cerina platform offers a multitude of smart, futuristic technologies covering NLP, Behavioral AI, Machine Learning and Language capabilities that can help the convergence of these technologies with modern consumer products that engages and elevates the lifestyle experiences of the consumers of tomorrow.

Cerina is part of a Global Multinational Group

In turnover across Industrial, Financial & Auto Sectors

Companies spread across the Globe

Experts and Technology Scientists

Cerina envisions making Indian indoor spaces and homes 360° smart by introducing artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled home accessories. Our goal is to offer superior performance in our portable air purifiers so that everyday life is transformed for the better. The Cerina air purification system is AI-powered to intelligently detect and purify fine dust particles, allergens, smoke, odours, bacteria, and virulent material. Enjoy the uber convenience of IoT-enabled smart controls and rest assured that your family will now breathe cleaner. Cerina Air Purifier enables a Smarter and Healthier Living for all.

Indoor air pollution can be deadly

Our health is only as good as the quality of the air we breathe. Foreign particles, emissions from our electronics, VOCs, smoke, fumes from cooking, aerosols, cleaning agents, odours, pet dander, viruses, bacteria, and more contribute to the pollution in our indoor spaces and pose a threat to our health every day.

Our lifestyles warrant a means of air purification in our indoor spaces including our homes. Unhealthy air affects our health, eventually leading to debilitating respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Now, with the Cerina Air Purifier, breathing clean air need not be a luxury anymore.